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For Fuck's Sake Vote For Ria/Fran Or Caleb/Rone For Best Barstool Duo

Two worthy candidates for this illustrious, coveted award. Anyone who has ever listened to CITO knows that Ria and Fran’s chemistry borders on obnoxious. Hey ladies? Save some friendship for the rest of us. We get it—you guys are a tremendous team. On the other side of this two-horse race, Caleb and Rone. These guys are fucking hysterical, whacky, adventurous, and prolific. They practically finish each other’s sentences. Heavens, this is a real Sophie’s choice! Fortunately, there does not seem to be any limit on the number of votes one can cast.

Tweet #RiaAndFran and #VivaLaDunkin for the chicks. Or try #CalebAndRone if that’s more your bag. What a wonderful matchup!

And finally: when you write “vote for _____ and I,” that’s wrong. I’m sorry to do it but my brain is fucking bleeding. It’s “vote for ______ and ME.” Separate your compound subject and run it back individually. Even Trent wouldn’t say “vote for I” and he comes from a state that Amazon doesn’t service. Did everyone skip prounoun day? Sometimes I feel like I work at a prison library with a bunch of inmates trying to get their GEDs. Look at this shit:

For the common man, I guess.