Zion Williamson Spits In God's Face And Says He Won't Participate In The Dunk Contest

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. I think we can all agree the NBA Dunk Contest needs to be saved, and the internet collectively wanted the rules to change to allow Zion to participate last year and now we know that will forever be a dream. It makes sense if you’re Zion, he doesn’t really have much to gain by doing the Dunk Contest and everything to lose in the event he gets hurt or something crazy, but man does it suck that we are going to miss out on a guy who can do stuff like this

But hey, LeBron hasn’t ever done one either and Zion is the biggest prospect since LeBron so maybe he’s simply following in those footsteps. Maybe this is all bullshit and he just doesn’t want to commit now and be held to it come All Star Weekend. Things can change, maybe Vince Carter can get into his ear or something because honestly think of the buzz that would surround the event if Zion entered it. It may be one of the most watched Dunk Contests ever. I won’t completely rule out the league sliding him a massive check under the table or something in order to convince him to do it. The world needs to see that man do outrageous dunks and even though he’ll for sure give us our fair sure during real game action, he was born for a contest like this.

Maybe the internet should start a GoFundMe and tie it to a charity or something in an effort to get Zion to participate. I dunno I’m just spitballing here. The one thing I do know is I am not above guilting him into taking meaningless risks that may impact his career all for my enjoyment for a few hours on a random Saturday night in February.

The NBA doesn’t just want Zion in the Dunk Contest, they need him in the Dunk Contest