Chinese Chick Dies After Getting Absolutely Steamrolled By A Rogue Shopping Cart

IB Times – A runaway shopping cart killed a 66-year-old woman in China on Friday. The fatal accident was captured on a security camera at a Shanghai supermarket. The video shows a woman stepping off a ramp escalator when a flatbed shopping cart behind her comes barreling down the ramp. The cart strikes the woman with such force that it throws her into a wall about 20 feet away. The shopping cart was reportedly filled with 15 cases of drinks when its owners lost control of it, Xinhua reports. The three shoppers insisted on using their own cart instead of one owned by the supermarket, which has “anti-slip mechanisms.”  Police have put two people “under restriction” since the incident. The woman was reportedly transported to a nearby hospital, where she died of her injuries. Some say the accident may serve as a warning to customers who “dangerously use just one hand when tugging the trolleys,” while others say the supermarket is partially responsible for allowing the shoppers to use the flatbed cart, Global Times reports.

Alright we all know the drill here at Barstool by now – its never funny when someone ends up dying but if it happens in China its fair game to be blogged. What an absolutely awful way to go. Strolling around Chinese Costco and WHAM you get fucking sideswiped by a runaway shopping cart and you’re sheets. Leaving a goddam dent in the wall. Thats top 5 most uninspiring ways to die right there.

Maybe China will rethink having escalator death ramps in their grocery stores. Get those special shopping cart escalators with the teeth like they have at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and shit over here in America. Will probably reduce the death toll of rogue shopping carts down to zero.