Per Sources: The Blackhawks Have Made A Decision On The #3 Pick


Per two unrelated sources with close ties to the Blackhawks, the Blackhawks are going to take Byram. Big day for the movement

byram no matter what

Now people are probably wondering how legit my sources are

Do I have moles?

I’ve had two people independent of each other with personal relationships with people VERY high up in the Hockey Ops department say this to me. Personally, I trust it. Why…because I have been on record with the fact that I thought the Cozens, Zegras, Turcotte stuff was a smoke screen. I blogged that a month ago. There are people in the media that have direct communications with the Blackhawks front office. I think the Hawks use them as a tool. Maybe the Blackhawks were trying to move back. Even if it was just one spot. It’s hard to say. To me, Byram was always supposed to be the guy. You just can’t pass on #1 defensemen and that is what he is. Now, I am not an expert on any of these kids. I’ve seen the USNDTP team play in person twice and on TV 6 or 7 times. I’ve seen Byram play for Vancouver on TV twice. Craig Button, however, is an expert. He says Byram is the CLEAR 3rd best prospect in the draft. He says that he is DEFINITELY a #1 defenseman in the future and that the future is right around the corner. Possibly as soon as this coming Fall. I asked him flat out if he’s as good as Dahlin, Heiskanen, and Cale Makar and Button said that he is right there. Those guy have all stepped into the league in a VERY short amount of time and had major success.

Drafting Byram gives you some roster flexibility. You can try to deal Boqvist perhaps. Maybe you deal Gustafsson if you feel Byram can step in right away. Maybe you don’t get your future franchise center, but you know what…you’re pretty okay up the middle right now with Toews and Strome. We want Byram. We need Byram. #ByramNoMatterWhat. But…there are people out there saying the opposite

Having said that…who really knows? The next 36 hours are going to be INSANE. There’s going to be moving, there’s going to be shaking, there’s going to be fire works. I will be refreshing twitter every 2 minutes. I will be bringing my computer to Declans the night of the draft party. It’s going to be intense. Buckle up

Be at fucking Declans no matter what

$30 all you can drink for basically the entire first round of the draft. From 6-9pm. I am so nervous I could puke. You don’t want to miss that. Wristbands at the door

#ByramNoMatterWhat #DeclansNoMatterWhat