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Not Sure If LeSean McCoy Is Ripping On DeSean Jackson Or Just Being An Idiot

@0ne0fone lol who kno they boy better then me …. Rg3 would agree haha…. #skinsweek jackpot

A video posted by Lesean Mccoy (@25_mccoy) on Dec 12, 2014 at 12:02pm PST

We all know Shady’s elevator doesn’t exactly go all the way to the top, but about a dozen people sent this in already so I’ll let the masses judge. In my humble opinion there shouldn’t be any grab ass this week after that embarrassment against Dallas. Practice, film, lift, protein, hyperbolic chamber sleep, rinse, repeat. None of this happy horseshit. But I am 1000000% certian that’s how DeSean Jackson acts on the field. You can hammer that to the grave. Death, taxes and DeSean Jackson referring himself in the 4th(?) person as Jaccpot demanding for the ball.

There’s not a doubt in my mind a beat up DeSean Jackson will go 7/180/2 TD’s this week with the season truly on the line. Just the way things happen to The City Of Brotherly Love.