Does This Look Like The Face Of A College Educated Woman Kicked Off A Flight And Arrested For Talking On Her Cell Phone? (With Video Of Arrest)

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Opposing Views - Lindsay Capri Bien-aime was recently removed by police from a U.S. Airways flight that was scheduled to fly from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina. Bien-aime refused to turn off her cell phone when asked to do so by flight attendants on the Sunday flight. The conflict reportedly escalated and Bien-aime used abusive language. Three police officers came aboard the U.S. Airways airline to escort the 21-year-old woman off the plane and back to the terminal. An unidentified passenger recorded the bizarre incident on his (or her) cell phone and uploaded the video (below) to the web. Bien-aime told the officers repeatedly not to touch her, but one officer can be heard on the video saying, “You can get off the plane or you can get off the plane and go to jail.” According to the Daily Mail, police officers were kicked, elbowed and scratched as they removed the woman from the plane.

“I’ve been lied on! I’ve been lied on!” There’s that college education shining through. This bitch probably uses her college education less than I do and that’s saying a lot. She’s challenging that Indian chick from a couple years ago on the Metro North screaming about how well educated she was. Hey bitch! I don’t care if you’re Albert fucking Einstein. If its 6 in the morning and you’re holding up my plane then you’re a fucking idiot asshole in my book. There are 2 police officers telling you your choices are to get off the plane or get off the plane and go to jail. I don’t think they’re just gonna let you take your seat and buckle up again, dickhead. Get your bags and your college diploma and get off the goddam plane.