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Reader Email - Could An Average Boys High School Basketball Team Beat The NCAA Women's Champs?


Reader Email

Yo Prez,

me and my friends have had this debate since Uconn girls were dominate. Can a decent high school boys basketball team beat the girls national championship team? Clearly the top 50 HS Boys teams would beat the girls easily 175-0. But we are saying like an above average decent boys team. So of course everyone will say shit like Brittany Griner would dominate. Absolutely not, a 16-17 year old kid close to the same size as her would probably embarrass her, probably could box her out of the arena if he wanted to. But still me and my friends are split down the middle and need some help deciding this.


I think everybody at one point or another has thought about this question. How would a high school boys team do vs. a great college girls team. Well let me clear it up once and for all. I think virtually every single high school boys basketball team would not only beat the women’s national champs, but they’d humiliate them. I’m talking beat em like a drum. Guys are just that much better at hoop than chicks. Like I’m horrible at basketball. Horrible. But I guarantee I’d shut down Brittany Griner. Just muscle her ass right out of the paint. Back her down in the low block and drop step on her face. Guys are just stronger, faster and better. Anybody who says otherwise is just a bitter feminist.