The Knicks Reportedly Declining A Trade For Chris Paul Is The Best News Knicks Fans Have Gotten In Weeks

Every Knicks fan in the world right now:

I don’t know if I’ve ever been prouder of a team for doing something so simple as turning down a trade for an injury-prone 34 year old point guard that is due $124 MILLION over the next three seasons and moody as fuck. Yet here we are. Dare I say that the Knicks are no longer the same old Knicks?

Sure they may strike out in free agency for the billionth time and are likely about to draft RJ Barrett, who could be end up being a bust and it wouldn’t surprise anybody. But at least they didn’t completely fuck up their present and their near-future with Chris Paul’s deal and what I imagine would not be a ton of patience on a team full of teenagers. Yes this is the same Chris Paul whose speech at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding about potentially joining Stat and Melo at MSG got millions of Knicks fans through some very dark days. But those days are over as is that Chris Paul. And somehow the Knicks didn’t screw it up by acquiring this Chris Paul and more importantly that Chris Paul contract. It may not be much. But after losing Zion in the lottery, watching Kevin Durant’s achilles explode, and finding out Anthony Davis got traded to the Lakers all over the last month or so…