Skip Bayless Can't Stop Getting Trolled: Nick Nurse Made Toronto Police Hand Him A 'Skip Is A Bitch' Poster To Sign


Tough few days for our buddy Skip here. First, the Raptors win and we all know how he feels about them (hint: look at Nick Nurse signing the poster). Then he gets trolled by a fake account on Twitter to actually believing Chris Paul made James Harden cry by making fun of his man boobs. 

But you know, I just don’t know why Nurse was so upset:


I don’t feel like going through more of his tweets. You get it though. Skip isn’t exactly a fan of Kawhi Leonard and in reality the Raptors now too. So what does Nick Nurse do?

Force the cops to hand him a Skip is a Bitch sign during the Raptors parade. Signing it and hanging it back makes him that much cooler. The only thing cooler than this is his double lower case nn personalized hat. How Nick Nurse has a logo is beyond me but I love that move.


Can’t believe the Raptors won again before they to re-sign Kawhi.

h/t lowrylover007 (of course) on Reddit