Cindy Crawford's Daughter Is Gonna Be A Smoke In 10 Years



You know how hard this is? To be Cindy Crawford’s daughter? Thats like being Jordan’s son. The expectations are through the fucking roof. Almost impossible to live up to the hype. There’s like a 99% chance you live in your parents shadow your entire life. Jeffrey Jordan has just been bouncing around from college team to college team trying to carry his father’s torch and he just kinda sucks and keeps quitting.

Well Kaia Crawford ain’t quitting. There’s no quit in her. 10 years from now she’s gonna absolutely dominate the supermodel game. She already looks just like her. Its fucking weird as shit to be honest. She’ll probably will end up hotter than her mother knowing all the tricks of the trade. Ordinarily I’d say if I was this girl’s dad I’d lock her in the basement and chain her to the radiator, but in this case I’d lock her and my original supermodel wife in a room together and make her train to be the most dominant model ever. I’d be like the Earl Woods of professional modeling.

Now cue the completely legal, age appropriate clip of Cindy Crawford taking her underwear off on Leno!