Three Of Golf's Hottest Women Are About To Compete For The Rocket Crown (Photos Included)

With the NBA and NHL officially over and the football season seemingly a million miles away, it’s that time of year where sports fans are looking for things to be entertained by. Yes, there’s baseball (thank god for that) and, of course, golf. But still… the slow part of the sports calendar is here and it’s brutal.

I’m on record saying that I wish golf would implement things like a skills challenge or a trick shot contest to help spice up the season. I will not rest until it’s a reality because I think it’d be awesome and the people really need it.

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But until it happens (and it will happen), we can get to enjoy the random cross over of celebrities and pro golfers. If you’re into that kinda thing. But I digress.

The Rocket Mortgage Classic is coming up after The Travelers this weekend. The big brains in Detroit (or the PGA, whatever) were smart enough to add some… wait for it… rockets to the Rocket Mortgage celebrity challenge. On Tuesday 06.25, three teams made up of a deadly combination of high profile PGA guys, big names in the sports world, NHL players and a few of the hottest women in golf will compete in a three-hole challenge. It’ll be scramble style to see which team can get score a hole-in-one, eagle and birdie first.


The teams are as follows:

Team Rickie:

– Rickie Fowler (obviously)
– Kid Rock
– Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader
– Golf Channel’s Blair O’Neal


Team Bubba:

– Bubba Watson (clearly)
– Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard
– Michigan State coach Tom Izzo
– World Long Drive Champ Troy Mullins


Team DJ:

– Dustin Johnson (duh)
– Jerome Bettis
– Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin
– Paige Spiranic


 (I didn’t include pictures of the guys, because let’s be honest, we all know what they look like and nobody cares to look at a picture of Kid Rock’s dusty ass.)

With it being the Rocket Mortgage Classic and all, I’d say it’s fair to say that a rocket crown is handed out in Detroit next week. What a roster. What a competition. Thank you for your service, PGA.

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PSA: I’m 1000% #TeamDJ here because of my girl Paige. That team has the advantage in my opinion. But I don’t think you can go wrong whichever way you choose. Smoke shows with actual talent all around.