A Navy Seal Involved In The Death Of A Green Beret Flirted With The Widow While Using A Pseudonym And Dressed As Rambo

This story is fucking bonkers. Here’s a little piece from the Daily Beast.

Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Adam C. Matthews was dressed like Rambo.

He was at a party in January at the annual SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) show—America’s annual firearms trade show—in Las Vegas. This year’s theme was the ’80s, and Matthews’ costume was ironic because the character made famous by Sylvester Stallone was a Vietnam-era Special Forces soldier, not a SEAL.

At the party, he met Michelle Melgar, the widow of Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar, the man he and other service members were accused of hazing to death in Mali in 2017. A friend of Melgar, who was at the show, said Matthews approached the widow and asked if she was lost. Matthews told her his name was Mike and that he was a “DEVGRU” guy, a term for SEAL Team Six.

“He knew who he was talking to,” said Melgar’s friend, who was with her in Las Vegas.

Matthews also told Michelle Melgar “the guys” in Mali with her husband were “good guys” and that his death was an accident, the friend said.

“It wasn’t really murder,” Matthews said.

At the party in Vegas, Matthews and Michelle Melgar exchanged numbers before he told her he was with SEAL Team Six. The next day, she got texts from him asking to use her room for a nap. The Daily Beast reviewed those text messages.

“What’s your living situation?” Matthews wrote.

“I have a room,” Melgar said.

“Can I come nap? Im (sic) dying,” Matthews wrote.

Melgar declined to let Matthews come to her room; although she was unaware of his real identity, he was still a SEAL. A special operations soldier who was at the show and was familiar with the events said Matthews was ordered to leave Melgar alone in a text message.

WHEW. What a fucking wild ride. Obviously, the death of this Green Beret is tragic. The trial has been insane. There have been parts where the widow has said that she forgives the Seals and Marine Raiders who caused her husband to die. There have been parts where the prosecution explains to the jury that the defendants intended to strip the Green Beret down naked and sexually assault him in order to have blackmail material over him if they needed it. We talked about the case extensively on Zero Blog Thirty. You can find most of the details here.

But to have the audacity to approach the widow of the man you killed while dressed as Rambo and then ask if you can take a nap in her room is a whole new level of what in the fuck.

Basically, he wanted to approach her at the show in Vegas and say, “that killin we did of your husband, it wasnt murder. Just a little goofin gone wrong.”

Fucking insane.