Mariano Says He Has No Plans On Starting The All Star Game

MLBYankees closer Mariano Rivera says he’d prefer to take on his customary role and close the All-Star Game on July 16 at Citi Field rather than start the Midsummer Classic. Rivera plans to retire after this season, and there has been buzz in the baseball community about him starting the game. But Rivera told on Sunday that he doesn’t like the idea. “I’ve been told about it, but I don’t like it,” Rivera said. “And the reason why I say that is it’s not what I do. What I do is close the games; I don’t start the games. It’s a privilege and honor, but I’m not contemplating it.”

Does it get any classier than Rivera? No it doesn’t! That’s it, end of story. Everything Mo has done on this farewell tour so far has been for the fans. He’s met with Mets fans, Royals fans, Tigers fans, the list goes on. But this idea about starting the All Star Game – that would be about him. That would be purely for attention, and that just isn’t how he rolls. Mo ain’t about the spotlight and he ain’t about starting. He closes. He closes better than anyone in the history of sports. Thats it.

Personally, I’m surprised he even let them make a custom hat for him. But lets send out the Smoke Patrol on this shit anyway, because its straight up fire: