The Barstool Awards Presented By Dunkin' Go2s Are Live On Tuesday Night - Here Are This Year's Categories

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It’s time for the Second Annual Barstool Awards, presented by Dunkin’ Go2s.  Tuesday night June 25 at 7:30 PM we’re going live from the Red Carpet, with the live show starting at 8 PM sharp (this is on Pete Time, so give us a 2 hour window).

Damn, this year has flown by.  Seems like just yesterday we were sitting in Dunkin’, me dressed immaculately and everyone else in ill-fitting suits, watching Pup Punk give their first live performance, Hank winning the first ever RNR award (we’ve had 7 since then), George Brett.

Well we’ve added about 25 new people this year and have a bunch of new categories.

Here are the categories (kept a few a secret, as a surprise) along with my “Go2 Cents” on who the winners should be.

Best Sports Performance

  • Dave winning the US Open @ Shinnecock
    Chef Knock-out at RNR7
    Robbie’s streak for the BICL
    Ev walking up stairs to join radio
    Glenny going in the Pacific Ocean

Best Duo presented by Dunkin’ Go2s

  • Caleb & Rone
    Chicks in the Office
    Willie & Large

My Go2 Cents: This award is going to be fan vote style – you guys can vote for your favorite duo by tweeting, voting in the poll below, or both.

Tweet to vote for your favorite Barstool Duo:

#CalebAndRone #VivaLaDunkin
#RiaAndFran #VivaLaDunkin
#WillieAndLarge #VivaLaDunkin

or Vote Below:

My vote is Ria and Fran because I love strong independent women and hate men.

Awkward Moment of The Year

  • KFC vs. Nate Rap
    Ria Crying
    Willie vs. The Cousins

My Go2 Cents:  I wasn’t here for the Ria incident.  I don’t think Willie vs. The Cousins was that bad.  I was however live in the room when KFC and Nate freestyle battled, spitting the meanest, most degrading things at each other about their personal lives that they could think of – and let me say, the atmosphere in the room is something I never want to experience again.  I literally hid behind a pole.  So yeah, that one.

Best TV appearance

  • Dave’s Bee Sting on Tucker Carlson
    Chicks in the Office on the People’s Choice Awards
    Tommy aka Vape God

My Go2 Cents: maybe my favorite internet video not just in the past year, but ever.

Best Educational Film

  • Marty Mush – Fraud & Order
    Nate – How Barstool Works
    Big Ev Fat Guy Facts

Best Celebrity Guest Appearance

  • Tag Cast in Pizza Review
    Blake Griffin on the CFB Show
    Jon Taffer on Barstool Radio (during Barstool Idol)
    Theo Von in Answer the Internet

Best/Worst Gambling Moments

  • “Not Now Bill” from the Kentucky Derby
    Dave & Elio Miscommunication at Kentucky Derby
    Mush & Frankie watching the Islanders
    Big Cat laughing at Dave in Hoboken
    Tommy getting kicked off the March Madness Stream
    Mush with his Bird
    Barstool Advisors Hit Rock Bottom

My Go2 Cents:  It will be tough to top world’s #1 Patriots’ fan Dave Portnoy blowing off the greatest coach in NFL history to watch his horse lose.

Meet Your Heroes Award

  • Dave & Brady at the Kentucky Derby
    Big Cat talking to MJ on PMT with Denny Hamlin
    McGregor shouting out Robbie in Vegas

Best Song

  • Drink Paint – PMT
    Chonk – PMT
    Game of Thrones Theme Song – Francis
    My New Girlfriend – Pup Punk

My Go2 Cents: I listened to Chonk like…to listen to it, unironically.  Like I watched the video and laughed, then found myself hitting replay and not even watching, just listening to the song.  I feel like that kind of transcends the category; although you could argue Pup Punk is like, a legitimate band that could get radio airtime.  It’s a tough choice but I don’t think anything topped Big Cat spitting those grimy bars.

Best Foreign Film

  • Donnie & PFT @ Rugby 7s
    Donnie Does Tajikistan
    Caleb, Rone & Buddha Ben in France
    Riggs at Ryder Cup

The Smitty Gaming Award

  • Zah driving trains
    Smitty Losing to Ninja
    Smitty live streaming for win #2

My Go2 Cents: Honestly, there’s too many classic moments to count.

Biggest Hit of the Year

  • Spider Getting Hit By Francis at Field Day
    Zah Getting Smacked in the Face by a Basketball
    Donnie punching someone at Rugby 7s
    Willie Breaking a Door
    Chaps & Kate getting attacked by dogs

Best RNR Moments

  • Spider in a headlock
    Spider at Florida Georgia bodying a rogue fan
    Raccoon Boy
    Milk Man & Jess

Best Pizza Review

  • Mike Portnoy Review
    Frankie with Jersey Shore Cast
    Joe & Pat’s

Biggest Fans

  • Liz/Frankie 27thRings & Rundown Video
    Dave Kicked Out of Super Bowl & Media Day
    PFT Eating Horse Shit for the Caps
    Kayce as a “Boston Fan”
    Carrabis on the Duck Boat Calling into radio
    YP & Boris

My Go2 Cents: Iconic.

Best Tour

  • West Coast Wagon Tour
    Spikes Up Tour
    Grit Week

Thanks again to Dunkin’ for partnering with us for the Barstool Awards two years in a row. Dunkin’ has a great deal on two of your favorites for $2, $4, or $5. 2 egg and cheese wraps for $2, 2 bagels with cream cheese spread for $4, and 2 bacon egg and cheese croissants for $5 #VivaLaDunkin