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John Cena Bet Padres Pitcher Logan Allen $1 He'd Never Make It To The Show And Last Night He Paid His Debts

This was just an awesome, awesome story.  If you can’t watch because you’re at work or some shit, here are the Spark Notes:

1. John Cena and a couple buddies are at a SoCal restaurant and see a few Padres prospects meeting with agents
2. They approach the table to make sure the ballplayers aren’t being worked over by the agents because apparently Cena got in bed with a couple shady reps before
3. Cena and Logan Allen hit it off around 9am and exchange numbers.  They eventually leave the restaurant at 4am
4. Cena could tell Allen had never “faced failure” before and wanted to challenge him.  Cena bet Logan Allen $1 that he’d never make it to The Show

~ fin ~

Wait… I’m gonna need one of those record scratch noises, because this is where the story gets good.  Last night, Logan Allen SHOVED in his Big League Debut:

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 7.10.13 AM

and that was against one of the best teams in baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers.  Just an awesome night all around for Allen, who checked in as the Padres #7 prospect on

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 7.11.30 AM

But he also made his debut in style.  What did you think his walkup music was?  You better believe it was John Cena’s walkup music:

just so awesome.  And apparently Cena couldn’t have been happier for Allen:

and what a good dude John Cena comes off here.  Sparking up a conversation with some random 20ish year old kid and doing whatever he can to help motivate him to reach his dream.  Aside from Eloy giving the finger to the Cubs last night, this was the story of the evening.  John Cena has a fan in me from now on.

Oh, and apparently Logan has a disabled brother who was in the crowd that they do a ton of charity work for as well.  What a night for Logan, Logan’s family and Cena all around