Kawhi Just Wants To Drink Some Goddamn Alcohol And Eat Some Desserts

What a goddamn turn for Kawhi. This is a guy who was a robot. He barely talked. He was hidden in San Antonio. Now? Well, we have him mocking his own laugh

We have him not giving a shit. He’s having a grand old time

And now, perhaps more than ever? Kawhi relates to all of us. The guy just wants to drink some alcohol and eat some junk food. That’s the most relatable thing of all time. My man wants some cold beer and Reese’s Cups. No doubt about it.

This is the Kawhi I want. I want him pretending to be a weirdo while putting out shit like this. There’s nothing better. Serge and Kawhi are also rapidly climbing the best NBA duos off the court

Now someone get him some junk food and alcohol ASAP (preferably in New York).