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Dancing Canucks Fan Is Getting More Internet Praise Than He Deserves

So over the weekend the Vancouver Canucks had their “SuperSkills” event and at one point the cameras were miraculously turned on this fan who decided it was him time to shine. Real recognize real, it took a lot of balls to go All In like my man went right here. It also took a ton of stamina to get down to the entire song. I can respect the hustle. Also, I love the double earring look. So much pizzazz. But I just feel like people have been way too quick to give this dude all the credit in the world because you can’t just bust out an array of Michael Jackson moves all willy nilly like that. All that proves is that this dude knows one dance and one dance only. There’s no variety in his performance. He hears Michael, he dances like Michael. He hears Gangnam Style, he dances like Michael. He hears Creed, he dances like Michael. Ferrari, Le Tigre, they’re all the same dance. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. So yeah, great hustle and everything but until you really bring the heat like Fat Kevin the Blue Jackets fan, this Canuck will always remain a wannabe.

Also, I need this chick to call me. I have a microwave dinner and a Netflix date with her name on it.