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Per Brett Favre's Instagram He Is Coming Back To The NFL in 2020 - Definitely Not Being Hacked

Normally when a celebrity’s social media gets hacked it’s very obvious. Usually they start posting some random links and @ some random people. Not Brett Favre. Not today. When Favre Instagrammed that he was coming back to play in the NFL in 2020 I was forced to believe him. He’s that crazy. There are no brain cells left in that man’s head for him to make a well thought out decision. I guarantee you that Favre could 100% still start for at least one NFL team. Right now he starts for Cincinnati and Tampa Bay without question in my mind. Favre is absolutely still in football shape. He definitely can still break someone’s fingers in practice with a throw.

I was so excited for the three minutes this post was up before getting taken down. I wanted to believe. I still believe. Bring the gunslinger back.