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Phil Mickelson Launches 'Phireside With Phil' And Tells A DOOZY Of A Story About Someone Taking A Dump

Now THAT is a great story from Phil Mickelson. We need more stories like that one from his Twitter account. Don’t get me wrong, the other things he’s done of Twitter have been fine and good but that was the best one by far. The other posts have been very goofy and silly and dad-like but that was the one that got the biggest laugh outta me by far. I didn’t know where the story was going AT ALL and then he dropped the hammer line about a guy taking a shit in the hole and I laughed out loud. Not a slight chuckle like I did for the others, a legitimate belly laugh leapt outta my body. That was great stuff outta Lefty. I need more stories about dudes dropping in heat in a golf hole and less fake calf exercises.