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If I Don't Get My Own Mini Antelope I'll Just Die


ZoobornsShe stands just a few centimetres tall but this tiny new arrival at Chester Zoo is making a big impression. Aluna, the tiny Kirk’s Dik-dik Antelope, is not much taller than a TV remote. Native to Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia, the Dik-dik gets its name from the noise it makes when running for cover. They can live for up to 10 years and reach a maximum size of just 40cm tall, making it one of the smallest antelope species in the world.


How have I never heard of a Dik-dik before? Thing is legit! Granted I’m pretty sure that’s just a mini deer, but whatever it is I need one stat. Like I don’t just want to feed this Dik-dik a mini bottle of milk.   I need to feed it a mini bottle of milk.    Obsessed.