#InOne: Blues Forward Zach Sanford Celebrated Winning The Stanley Cup By Puking Everywhere

The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history. Winning the Stanley Cup at any point in general gives you the automatic green light to get as shit faced as humanly possible. But when you’re the St. Louis Blues and you’ve waited 52 years for this moment? There are no rules for the next few months. You win the Stanley Cup and you immediately start deleting every single beer that is placed in front of you.

Which is why there’s no shame in Zach Sanford going for the puke & rally here mid-Stanley Cup Parade. My guess is that he probably had a few minutes with Brett Hull. And considering it seemed like Brett Hull was crushing every beer in the state of Missouri during that Cup run, chances are Zach Sanford was just trying to keep up and quickly learned that Hully is a legend for a reason–because he’s simply not human. So anybody who tries to keep up with Brett Hull is going to end up yacking everywhere, it’s just unfortunate that Zach Sanford ended up in the back of a convertible where he had the higher ground to puke on everyone.

But yeah. Nothing wrong here. I’d almost be more upset if there were zero pukes during the Blues Cup Parade. You only get to win the first Stanley Cup in franchise history once, you might as well make the most of that opportunity. So credit to Zach Sanford for getting In One, even if it got away from him a little bit. I just hope the team didn’t own that car because Sanford is a restricted free agent this summer. I have to imagine that the price to clean the car is going to end up coming out of his next contract.