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Watch Tom Morello Hilariously Chuck Some Dude's Phone Into The Crowd For Trying To Take A Selfie

I’ve watched this video roughly a hundred times today, and I laugh more and more every time I see Tom Morello just yoink that thing from the dude’s hand and throw it into the fifteenth row. I know some of you out there may think this is a douche move or something, but everything about it is fucking hilarious to me, and at the end of the day…very rock n’ roll to me. Especially given the fact that the former Rage Against The Machine guitarist doubled down on Twitter and RT’d the video…

“Put a phone in my face onstage and I’ll throw it.”

If that don’t make ya laugh you’ve got a big ol’ dump in your pants. What a legendary quote. I wish I could do this to people who pay $300 for a ticket to a concert and watch the whole thing on their four inch phone screen. You’ll catch a few charges for that, though, as my guy Conor McGregor found out this past March. Oh well.