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I Think It's Time To Sue The Hell Out Of Disney

I’ve had this tweeted at me a handful of times and usually I just scoff and carry on. To be honest I thought it was a knock-off company using both SAFTB and Disney logos, but I guess these are just sold at Disney? You can ride Splash Mountain, pay 50 dollars for a picture, grab a SAFTT tshirt for 60 bucks, and then spill ketchup a 2o dollar hot dog on it (yeah I said ketchup on a hot dog, deal with it)? Well that I can’t accept. As someone who’s been C+D’d roughly 10,000 times I can’t just sit back and let this get used. Our lawyers are drafting a statement now and I’ve advised them to ask for ten billion dollars and a lifetime fast pass. Seems reasonable.

PS – If we successfully C+D both the NFL and Disney does that make SAFTB the most powerful brand in the world? I think it does.