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Fan Duel Friday - I'm Officially Broke Now So If I Don't Win This Week I May Kill Myself

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.23.59 PM


You know how much engagement rings cost?? You know how much engagement rings cost when you’re a fucking blogger?? Unless I was gonna give my chick a Ring Pop there was no way I was walking out of this ordeal without being broke. So once again Fan Duel Friday is just about my only chance to stay afloat financially. Which is great considering my average finish is about 215th. But at least I bought a pretty piece of jewelry. Please excuse me while I go put my head in the oven.

Here are the details for this week’s challenge:


1.     $6,000 in prizes, $1200 for 1st

2.     266 spots in the tournament

3.     $25 entry, can enter up to 3 teams

4.     Prizes down to 26th place


PS – Just kidding about all this being broke shit. You don’t think I really paid my own money for that ring do you? Thats what El Pres’ mayor campaign money was for. Thanks for donating suckers.