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Little Kid Is Kicked Out Of His Graduation For Telling His Teacher To "Shut The Fuck Up"

Videos like this are why I keep coming back to the internet. During what looks like a preschool graduation, a little kid tells his teacher to “shut the fuck up” right as she starts the graduation ceremony. Little man then proceeds to yells “No, Bitch” when asked if he needs to leave.

First off, teachers do not get paid nearly enough. It would take everything in me not to go ballistic on a little kid for embarrassing me like this little dude did to his teacher. Buddy just gives zero fucks. “Do you need to leave?!” he responds “NO, BITCH.”

I think it’s safe to say we found the Alpha of this preschool class. Nobody is going to mess with the kid who told his teacher to fuck right off at the graduation ceremony, he’s heading into Kindergarten as the coolest kid in his grade, maybe even the school.

I have mixed feeling on this kids parents as well. On one hand I feel terrible for them and the fact that their son just ruined graduation, went viral, and embarrassed them as parents. The last thing you want as a parent is your kid going viral for telling his preschool teacher to “shut the fuck up”.  But at the same time, shouldn’t they be teaching this kid not to say shit like this?  I mean, he obviously learned that language from his parents. The kid is like 4 years old, I’m sure he didn’t pick up those words at the local bar. So do I feel bad for his parents? A little. But they need to figure it the fuck out and learn how to get their kid to shut up in the meantime because little man is going to cause some waves for them if he doesn’t get his shit together.