350 Pound Brooklyn Man Gets Fired For Being Too Fat

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NY Post – The owner of a picture-framing shop in Brooklyn fired a worker because he was too fat to fit in the aisles, a lawsuit claims. Seth Bogadanove, 52, of Bath Beach, is suing Frame It In Brooklyn, in Sunset Park, and owner Jerry Greenberg, claiming he was canned after gaining weight because of medication. “Oh, my God! What happened to you? You got so fat!” the suit says Greenberg told Bogadanove after he returned from a leave. “There is no way you can work here at your size,” the boss said, according to court papers filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday. Bogadanove, who suffers from the intestinal disorder Crohn’s disease, told The Post it was discrimination. “I’m incredibly angry, incredibly hurt, incredibly upset. I worked for this guy for 15 years, and this is how he treats me,” he said. Bogadanove, 5-foot-8 and 350 pounds, said he began working at the shop in 1994 as a framer. He left in 2008 over health problems and put on 150 pounds, he said. When his old boss offered him a part-time job in December 2012, he accepted, court papers say. But Bogadanove alleges that when he showed up to work, Greenberg told him to get lost. But Greenberg told The Post he never hired Bogadanove back, only gave him an opportunity to work from home. He called Bogadonove’s story “ridiculous.” “He was sweating, and he couldn’t make it up stairs,” Greenberg recalled. “But that would never come out of my mouth in my wildest dreams.” Bogadanove is seeking back pay with benefits.

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