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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida State Student Who Redirected The Entire School's WiFi To Meatspin.com?


PANAMA CITY— A student who allegedly hacked into the wireless Internet network at Florida State University Panama City and redirected users to a porn site Meatspin is facing felony charges. Benjamin Blouin, 26, admitted to hacking the college’s network because he wanted to illustrate the security flaws in the system, according to an arrest affidavit filed by campus police charging him with offenses against computer users, a third-degree felony.

FSU PC director of advancement Becky Kelly issued a statement about the incident indicating the school had shut down public access to the wifi network and implemented system upgrades. Users will be required to login to the use the network. Blouin said that’s what he wanted all along.“That’s how it should be,” he said Monday night. “That’s how it is on every campus.” Blouin, a computer engineering student, said he has been trying to bring the risks associated with the unsecured wireless network to the attention of school officials since last year. He has been suspended from the campus as a result of his arrest and he had to spend a night in jail.


Honestly I think if this guy just shaved and threw on a shirt and tie he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble.  After all he did do FSU a favor.  He made them realize how vulnerable their network was.   Sometimes it takes getting slapped in the face with a little gay porn to wake up to reality.  In fact I bet when the cops were knocking on his door they were originally planning on thanking him for being a good Samaritan.  But then he opens the door looking like this and it’s like “uh oh this dude is crazy”.   Rule #1 of trying to prove a point with gay porn.  Look respectable.  Day 1 stuff really.