Lebron Tells The Media To Get The Fuck Out Of His Face, Wade Declares Himself One Of The Greatest Ever

Before I start I just wanna make it clear that I don’t hate Lebron the way Pres or a bunch of Stoolies do.  I absolutely despise almost everyone else on the Heat and I cannot stand a single one of their “fans” so I don’t like seeing them win, but it doesn’t have to do with this irrational hatred for Lebron. Dude is just greatness personified when he steps on the court and at the end of the day I’m not gonna hate a guy just for that. But if you were watching LBJ at the podium and Wade in the locker room after last night’s game 7, I wouldn’t blame you at all for hating them.

First off with Dwayne Wade. Sitting around in the locker room declaring himself one of the greatest shooting guards ever. Bro get the fuck out of my face. Your old injured ass hobbled through this season on Lebron’s coattails. Every 5th game playing like your old self while Lebron carries you in the meantime with this safety blanket of playing injured. I’m not saying Wade didn’t come up big at times. I’m just saying stand next to Lebron fucking James and greatest shooter of all time Ray Allen declaring yourself one of the greatest in NBA history takes some fucking balls with the way he played at times. I think he is 5 BILLION times more hateable than Lebron.

And then Lebron. Like I said I don’t hate the guy. I don’t mind him telling the media to get the fuck out of his face. I don’t mind him telling the haters off, because he deserves to do that more than anybody. But this “I’m just a kid from Akron Ohio, I shouldn’t be here” routine has gotta be the biggest joke of all time. Bro you were the “Chosen One.” You were scouted professionally at the age of like 13. You drove a Hummer in high school and were on the cover of Sports Illustrated at fucking 17. Yes, I get that he was raised by just his mother and his coach in his childhood. But pretty much by the 7th grade you had a ticket punched to the League. We’re not talking about the underdog story of some kid who grinded his way to the NBA despite all logic. We’re not talking about the Rudy Ruettiger of the NBA. You were anointed as the Next Michael Jordan probably before you ever jerked off. Spare me the “I shouldn’t even be here” routine.

That being said, Lebron is officially untouchable in my mind now. The old rhetoric used to be that he “wasn’t a winner,” which is fully disproved. Then people fell back on “He needed to surround himself with stars,” which, after watching Wade and fucking Bosh play at times, I think is completely out the window as well. And now people will latch on to things like flopping and refs rigging games for him, which is when you know there’s basically no legitimate criticism left. Nobody can provide any realistic criticism of Lebron James’ game anymore. Just minor on the court attitude stuff and off the court behavior. Other than that, bulletproof.