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Chinese Toddler Caught By Delivery Men After Falling From A 5th Story Window

Youtube – Dramatic footage has emerged of passers-by catching a toddler who fell from a fifth floor window. Chinese central state television CCTV showed video images taken on a security camera of what appeared to be the rescue of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl. Delivery men stood waiting below as she dangled from the window above on Thursday in Ninghai, Zhejiang Province. As she plummeted, they dashed to the correct spot to catch the girl, who has been named only as Qiqi. CCTV quoted the parents as saying that they had left Qiqi home alone while she was sleeping, but that she had climbed on to the window sill after she awoke. As the girl cried out, workers from a nearby delivery company were alerted and rushed in to the street to see her legs dangling from the window. After shouting to reassure the girl, they managed to break her fall with their outstretched arms as she plunged to the ground. The child, called Qiqi, was said to be bruised but recovering well The child, named only as Qiqi, was said to be grazed, but recovering well Two men were injured in the rescue; one hurt his neck, and the other hurt his arm. Qiqi herself escaped with just a graze to her face.

Nice hands fellas! Looked like me trying to catch punts out there yesterday from Zoltan Mesko. You’re camped out underneath it and you think you got it all lined up and timed out and then WOOSH that shit shoots right by you. Gravity is a serious motherfucker. Happened to me like a hundred times yesterday. And thats when you’re trying to catch a football. Imagine a fucking Chinese kid falling from building tops? Shit is no joke man. Totally have a newfound respect for dudes returning punts and anyone who can cleanly catch a Chinese baby trying to commit suicide.

PS – Only in fucking China. Buncha dudes look up in an alley and see a toddler hanging outside a window. Mom and Dad were probably too busy doing a bukkake scene or something.