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It's Been A Rough Couple Of Months For The Mountain As He's No Longer The World's Strongest Man

Wow. Talk about a rough couple of months for The Mountain. First he died fighting his brother while King’s Landing was burning to the ground. And now he gives up his reign as the World’s Strongest Man after coming in 3rd place in this year’s competition. Everybody goes through some slumps once in a while but you really have to start wondering if this is the end of an era. I mean think about the run that The Mountain has gone on over the last few years. Everywhere you looked, there was The Mountain winning another strongman competition. Dude was seemingly unstoppable. So unstoppable, in fact, that even death couldn’t stop him in Game Of Thrones. So for Martins Licis to go out there and defeat a man that even death couldn’t defeat? Well that is preposterous.

Now you have to wonder if this is an indictment on season 8 of Thrones. Are David Benioff and D.B Weiss to blame here? You have to imagine that if they wrote a better script for the final season, maybe The Mountain would have trained a little harder for filming. Instead, he knew that he was just going to get pushed out of a window as Khaleesi burned an entire city to the ground so he figured he might as well just take it easy. And now look at him. He’s only the 3rd strongest man in the world. How the mighty have fallen. It’s a shame, but I guess all great things must come to an end at some point.

But for real, being able to say that you beat The Mountain at The World’s Strongest Man competition might be the greatest bragging right known to man. Imagine the life that this guy gets to lead now always having that in his pocket. Also his nickname is “The Dragon” which is pretty fitting. Fuck this dude has it made. Bad ass nickname. Took down The Mountain. Never has to look like a bitch at the gym. The man has it made.