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Girlfriend Creates Scavenger Hunt Of Humiliation For Her Ex Boyfriend To Win Her Back

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Daily MailHell hath no fury like a woman scorned and woe betide the man that ends up double-crossing this furious girlfriend. After catching her ‘loser’ boyfriend cheating she decided to take advantage of the situation by concocting a plan of revenge that would serve to humiliate and hopefully teach him a lesson. The cheating creep was sent on a scavenger hunt that aimed to teach him a lesson.  The list of mortifying tasks entitled ‘My loser boyfriend’s scavenger hunt: Acts of service to women’ was posted on Reddit. It called on the cheater to complete a number of embarrassing tasks, from slipping on a pair of Spanx and taking a picture, to hunting down a pair of four inch heels at a store and asking the store clerk to snap a photo.

Listen up right now. And listen well. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care who the girl is. There is absolutely nothing worth stooping to this level. I don’t care if you’re fat and ugly. I don’t care if you’re crippled. I don’t care if you’re unathletic like me or poor or blind or disabled. There is absolutely no broad worth selling your soul like this. She could be a 10 out of 10 and make 500 grand a year and there’s no fucking chance I’d ever give an ex girlfriend the satisfaction of parading around town wearing Spanx and trying dresses on and wearing lipstick and shit. You just got finished banging another chick obviously, so you know there’s more fish in the sea. And more importantly the moment you try to start up a relationship right after doing this Seaward’s puppet show, you’ve lost all Hand. She’ll have your balls suffocating literally and metaphorically inside a pair of Spanx if you cave to these demands.

Dealing with a chick in this situation is like dealing with terrorist – no negotiation. Just accept the mistakes you made, ditch this whiny hippo and go back to banging out randoms. You may not have love any more but at least you’ll have self respect.