Hawk Harrelson: "Wrigley Field Sucks"

PREACH HAWK!!!! Place completely and totally blows.  Actually… I take that back.  The renovations made it an *okay* place.  Other than that it sucks to get to (do NOT @ me about the El, public transportation sucks too), the food is awful and the area is full of 24 year old dudes who never left their frat.  I can deal with it a day or two a summer and that is IT.  Gimme a parking lot where I can tailgate with some classic rock 10 out of 10 times over 8 dollar beers in Wrigleyville.

But that’s neither here nor there.  Hawk NAILS it when he says “starting in 2020, the following the decade will be the best decade of baseball in Chicago history”.  Now obviously the Cubs are here to stay.  It pains me to admit it but if they’re not at the very least in the NLCS come October 2019, their season was a failure.  They are stacked top to bottom, especially now that Kimbrel will be shutting the door in the 9th for them.  FUCK I hate the Cubs.

But the White Sox, oh buddy are they close.  The pain that was 2016-18 was well worth it and we’re just starting to see the fruits of the White Sox labor.  We interviewed Lucas Giolito for Red Line Radio today (subscribe, rate and review, thx) and he acknowledges how close they are as a team.  He knows the importance of getting some of these guys up to the big league level so they can struggle, adapt and get take off starting next year.

I cannot wait until the Crosstown Cup is a straight up civil war where the teams, fans and even front offices fucking loathe each other, and if the Baseball Gods bless us with a Red Line World Series, it’ll be the Chicago Fire II.  Please Baseball Gods, let that happen.