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Questions That Have Bothered Me Forever: Why Is There Never Enough Ice Cream On Molten Cake?

(This photo is not to scale.  There is never that much ice cream on Molten Cake and even that’s not nearly enough)


This bothers me on so many levels I can’t even tell you. How come there is NEVER enough Ice Cream on top of Molten Cake? I’m talking like never. It’s always one tiny scoop that lasts 2-3 bites max. It makes it so fucking awkward when me and the First Lady share one. It’s like yeah I love you but I’ll flick your fork away every single time.  Seriously what gives? Molten cake is virtually impossible to eat without ice cream included in every bite. And it’s not like ice cream is truffle oil or something. It’s not expensive. So why do they skimp? Load it the fuck on there. It seems like such a no brainer but nobody does it. There has to be some reason I don’t know about. I mean I’ve literally almost died from too much lava clogging my throat before. You need the ice cream to even things out. It’s borderline torture not to give you more. It really is.