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Smokeshow British Tourist Barred From Entering America Because She TEXTED About Taking Cocaine

Independent- Isabella Brazier-Jones travelled to Los Angeles with her friend in March to embark on a two-month trip, but the pair were stopped by Customs officials who suspected they were planning to overstay their visas.

Brazier-Jones, 28, and her companion Olivia Cura, 26, were questioned about their plans and finances. Cura was released after an hour or so, while Brazier-Jones’s bag and phone were seized, reports The Sun.

Meanwhile, officials searched her phone and found a text that suggested she had taken cocaine.

She accused American officials of taking against her as a “posh, white, blonde girl” and said she’d been “terrified”. 

The former private chef and aspiring actress admitted to having taken the class A drug in 2017, after which she was deported to the UK and told she was banned from visiting the US for a decade.


Good. About damn time. That booger sugar has been leaking through our swiss cheese border for too long. Did you see the movie Blow? Man, Johnny Depp had an easy time flying Tumi loads of cokey-dokey into America. You never know what sort of person is *boofing* through the x-ray scanner with a water balloon-sized load up their cornhole. And if I know Isabella Brazier-Jones as well as I think I do, we caught a big fish here.

Is she smokeshow? I have no idea. I used that term in the title because every week, our blogging reports indicate which blogs performed the best, and I’ve seen that using words like “smokeshow” and “sorority girl” brings in monster pageviews. Truth be told, I have no interest in writing these sort of low-hanging boner blogs, but that’s what the people like. Week after week, they click. So if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. From now on, I will be presenting more of this childish picture book erotica. You win.

Her instagram was closed (smart, given that she’s a criminal) and the only photos I could find were her headshots on twitter from 2012. And everyone looks good in their headshots—that’s the point. So, loosen those belts and head for the handicapped stall friends. Here comes the good stuff!

Oh Issy! Eight ball, corner nostril.

And that’s the only other picture I could find. Hope it gets you there.