Russian Tampon Commercial Is Effective Advertising At Its Finest

I’m not a chick so I don’t wanna speak for all the females out there. But I’d have to imagine this commercial is a lot more effective than the feminine hygiene commercials we see over here in America.Usually its just some sort of product test where they pour blue liquid all over pads and plugs and show how absorbent they are. Or they just have women dancing around the television and I guess you’re supposed to infer their pussies are plugged up so well they are just overwhelmingly happy and excited.

Fuck that. If I’m an advertiser I’m getting real with our marketing. “Wear our tampons so you don’t get eaten by a fucking shark.” Boom. Crystal clear message. And our tagline will be “Sharks are attracted to the scent of blood. You don’t want to go swimming with a bloody pussy…do you?” Sales up 1,500% after that I promise.