Drug Dealers: Do Not Put Your Name On The Bags Of Weed You Sell

Police had been alerted to Best’s activities by Trading Standards, who were conducting a search of storage lockups in Worthing.

After a ‘substantial amount’ of drugs were discovered, officers arrived at the scene, but Best drove off – speeding through a red light in the process.

He was later identified as the owner of the storage unit, with the Prevention Enforcement team also discovering he owned a yacht at Brighton Marina.

After the storage unit and boat were searched by officers, on closer inspection, the name ‘Besti‘ could be seen printed on some of the cannabis resin bars.

Is this guy serious? I know brand recognition is a big thing in today’s world, but this is a little different than wearing a Nike check on your shirt. The only thing dumber would be to put up a billboard with his picture on it. Then again, what better marketing ploy is there in the industry than to sell bags of weed with your name on it? Stash is running low….you know who to call. This dude probably had a pretty strong re-up rate with his customers. If he can quantify that into some sort of statistic, he’d probably have some pretty good shot at striking a deal if he came on The Big Brain, if Taffer actually let’s him speak.

I wish I could end the blog there. I wish we could all have a little laugh about this drug dealer’s silly little mistake of stamping his name on his drugs, and then we could all move on with our day. But it turns out that this wasn’t just a little mishap for our guy. Turns out he’s a full fledged idiot. Perhaps the dumbest idiot walking the Earth right now.

Best handed himself into the police – arriving with a bag he said he’d packed in case he was remanded in custody. Only thing is, when officers searched the bag they found a large quantity of cannabis inside.

Just when I thought he couldn’t get any dumber, he goes out and totally redeems himself. Putting his name on his drugs turned out to be the smarter of his two decisions that day. Because when he turned himself into the police, figuring he might need to take his jacket off and stay awhile, he brought drugs with him for the lengthy visit!

I’ve seen it all. What’s kind of time is this guy looking at for possession and also selling drugs? A couple years? Might as well biggie size that and make it into the death penalty. Or at the absolute very least, castrate him. This man should not be allowed to reproduce.