Aaron Hernandez Is Potentially The Worst Murderer Of All Time

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ProFootballTalk - Earlier today, Tom Curran of CSN New Englandgave an ominous assessment of the manner in which the investigation regarding a death of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s “associate” could unfold. It’s apparently unfolding. The victim has officially been identified as 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, and his death has been ruled a homicide.  According to FOX 25 in Boston, police have determined that four men — including Hernandez and Odin Lloyd — were in a vehicle together after leaving a bar, and that only three of the men returned to Hernandez’s home. Per the report, and supplemented by tweets from Ted Daniel of FOX 25, forensic evidence collected by police places a vehicle “driven by” Hernandez at the “crime scene.”  It’s unclear whether the crime scene was the location where Lloyd’s body was found, or whether the crime (i.e., the site of Lloyd’s murder) occurred elsewhere. FOX 25 also reports that Lloyd sent a text to a friend referring to Hernandez. Our mildly-educated guess is that more evidence of text messages and other electronically-created footprints will be used to further piece together the puzzle.

Aaron Hernandez with maybe the most non-Patriot Way murder of all time. Hanging out with the dude before he’s dead. Driving all around town with him. Body showing up within a mile of your house. Just sloppy, careless, selfish murder. So unlike a Bill Belichick player. So unlike a Bob Kraft Patriot. Murder in New England is expected to be fundamentally sound and consistently successful. And here’s Aaron Hernandez – short of a written confession he’s done just about everything else he possibly can to incriminate himself in this crime. Such a shock to see in New England.

On a side note if a Jets player was ever rumored to be involved in a fucking murder, Jerry Thornton, the Jets haters, and the media would be ALL OVER THIS SHIT. If someone takes a nasty dump in the Jets locker room the haters are ready to pounce and talk about how unprofessional players on the Jets are. But here’s a Patriot who’s pretty fucking closely connected to killing a man and so far we haven’t heard a word. Unbelievable.

PS – Obviously this is all alleged, but if Aaron Hernandez is involved in this in any way he’s such an asshole. Not only because murdering people isn’t cool, but its just such a stupid move to throw it all away for some bullshit like this.