Does This Look Like The Face Of A Dude Arrested For Throwing A Spear Through A Car?


CBS SacramentoA man was arrested Tuesday night for spearing a passing vehicle. Jeffrey Jones, 56, was standing in the road at Auburn Boulevard and Annadale Lane in Sacramento at 7:38 p.m. when, police say, he threw a spear at the front fender of a vehicle that was driving by, causing it to become lodged in the vehicle. Jones was located by police and arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The spear was booked as evidence. No injuries were reported.

Well, I’m not gonna go as far as saying I believe in time travel – but I will say I’m now only 99% sure it’s not real. I mean if Captain Caveman’s in the jungle hunting down a mammoth with spear in hand and, in a blink, finds himself standing in modern day Sacramento with a car coming at him, of course he’s gonna chuck it. He’s petrified. And his marksmanship shouldn’t go unnoticed. Have you ever tried throwing a knife into a tree? It’s not easy. This dude impaling a fender shows he’s got the spear skills of a man who uses it as his sole source of food & protection. His weapon should be removed from evidence and given to an archaeologist.

Poor “Jeffrey”. Lost in a strange world, belting out his caveman cry for help in vain. Eyes closed to whatever he thinks the mug shot camera is. A helpless victim of a time warp that no one believes is possible. Either that or meth.