The Florence Freedom's 'Dad Bod' Jerseys Is Exactly Why Minor League Baseball Is Perfect

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 1.49.36 PM

This is it. This is peak minor league baseball in terms of jerseys. There’s no doubt that’s what makes minor league baseball thrive. The bizarre promotions and of course the wacky jerseys. It’s been blogged about year after year after year. We’ve seen everything from the 90s to Star Wars to Rugrats to Backyard Baseball and now this.

The Florence Freedom. MY Florence Freedom (been to a couple games when a buddy pitched, nbd) rocking the dad bod jerseys on Father’s Day. A complete no-brainer in the minor league game. Blast some hairy chest, slap the name dad bod on the promotion and let dads buy these jerseys off of the players.

And because it’s Cincinnati where it rains every day, the game was postponed yesterday. So now we have these beautiful jerseys and no highlights. Think it’s just smart to wear these on a random Wednesday night now.