Chuckin' Knucks: We Saw The First Real Punch In Premier Lacrosse League History Today, And It Was Glorious

The moment that I saw Nick Ossello was in the lineup for the Redwoods this week, I knew that we were going to be in for a show. In case anybody missed the episode of The Crease Dive with Nick, he told us the story about how he had one of his nuts ruptured earlier this year while playing box lacrosse for the San Diego Seals. Buddy took a shot to the nads during practice, almost lost a ball, and finished the practice before he decided to go to the hospital. I feel like a ton of people would probably just quit playing sports right then and there after almost losing a ball, but not Nick Ossello. This man is a goddamn lunatic. So he rehabbed, rehabbed some more, got his balls back in shape, and was able to finish out the NLL season. Now just a few months later, he made his debut in the PLL today against the Chaos. And our guy did not disappoint.

Now I don’t necessarily love that Blaze Riorden was on the receiving end of this right. They don’t teach you how to prepare for two recurring guests on your podcast getting into a fight in Journalism School. But it was a clean right that made solid connection, and it was the first legitimate punch in PLL history. If lacrosse is truly the Sport of the Future, it’s going to take a ton of greasy moments like this one right here to get the sport to that moment. So shoutout to Nick Ossello for speeding up the process a little bit. Anything that can get the main account to talk about lacrosse is clearly doing the right move.

By the way, the Chaos ended up winning the game 12-11. So if you listened to my picks for this week, you’re welcome for all the money you just made.

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