KFC Radio - The Player Haters Ball

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So my original idea for this show was to have big time KFC, Barstool haters come on the show. I wanted the dudes who spend every minute of the day commenting on blogs about how much we suck to come on and talk some shit. A chance to do some real life, face to face, back and forth banter between blogger and commenters. Naturally a lot of the biggest haters didn’t have the stones to come on. Pretty much everyone I called out pussied out.

So what we were left with was Wilburham and Numero Two. Goddy77 was supposed to come on too but he didn’t have a webcam capable of doing the hangout so he was on the outside looking it. Its a shame because Goddy77 used to absolutely hate my guts, he woulda been fun to bullshit with. Basically what I’m telling you is this episode ended up being 23 year old Wilburham legitimately living in his mom’s basement eating Fritos with a bag over his head babbling about his life as a commenter. Numero Two also recalls the story about the time he was in Montreal and may or may not have gotten his dick sucked by a tranny stripper. I was expecting a lot more hate and argument from the likes of a guy like Wilburham, but when he caved in and basically said he wasn’t as big of an asshole as he is in the comments section, it just got weird. The reason I’m telling you all this is just to brace you so you know what you’re getting into. If you thought you were gonna get a normal episode of KFC Radio, just understand what you’re gonna get is this:

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.58.05 AM


Shout out to Wilburham and Numero Two for being the only guys willing to come on the show. And Goddy77 too, he tried. The rest of you are lame.