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A Rapper Named Duke Deuce Just Invented The Dance Move Of The Summer

I was on my way to work this morning when I got tagged in a video by a man with the twitter handle @Bradleybigsack

With a name like Bradley big sack I would have been doing a disservice to myself to not at least give it a quick glimpse. I get tagged in a fair amount f big boy related content but quite frankly, I had no idea what my eyes were in for. What I witnessed 15 seconds into this video was one of the most incredibly special set of dance moves I’ve ever seen. I was absolutely blown away when I saw it for the first time. I felt like I was at the 1988 NBA Dunk contest watching Michael Jordan dunk from the free throw line for the first time. I watched it over and over and over again in awe. That footwork with those crispy arm moves and that spin and throw to finish was nothing short of remarkable. What a move.

A rapper by the name of Duke Deuce came up with these brilliant dance moves and has coined the dance as “the style”. He is planning on launching an instructional video of some sort on how to do the dance in the near future.

The second Duke Deuce drops this dance video with the song it’s gonna be officially crowned the dance of the summer. The second the mainstream public gets their hands on this their gonna run away with it like a god damn bank robber. You bet your sweet ass the second this drops I’ll be doing intensive research and studying in preparation of making my own video doing the style dance.

Big Boys have never been hotter in the streets. Andy Ruiz Jr. and now this? We’re about 1 big move away from making this the summer of the units. I’ve heard some rumblings through my sources in the big man community and I can’t give anything away yet but lets just say we have a couple tricks up our sleeve. #UnitsRespectUnits