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Fred VanVleet, Who 'Can't Walk Straight' Because He's Covered In Champagne Says He Has 'Big Nuts' To Hit Shots To Beat The Warriors

Now this is what I’m talking about. Look at Marc Gasol. Calling him Freddy. Saying he can’t walk straight.

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And Fred VanVlett had big nuts all series. My man lost some teeth. He hit big shots. He defended Steph Curry. He was impressive. It was weird. He never started in the Finals, but you could tell that Nick Nurse wanted him out there during important stretches. The Raptors would start the 2nd half with him on Curry. He’d play the last few minutes of the game.

You know why?

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Big nuts. That’s what a somewhat tipsy, covered in champagne Fred VanVleet says it takes. That’s what a sober Fred VanVleet has. He knows what it takes to beat Steph Curry and the Warriors. He knew what it takes to hit major shots.

Big nuts. What an incredible performance by FVV. A dude who was undrafted out of college. A dude who barely made the roster. A dude who just grinded his way to the rotation. My favorite play of his though is still this

Let’s go drink some more champagne