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In Order To Save The Knicks Franchise, They Need To Sign Two Players With Season-Ending Injuries To Max Contracts

Last night it hit me. I had a come to Jesus meeting. I saw the light. I saw the vision. I figured out how to fix the Knicks. It has nothing to do with photoshops. Hell, it doesn’t even have to do with trading for Anthony Davis now.

It all has to do with the Knicks using the max contract space to sign two dudes with season-ending injuries. That’s right. It’s a bit crazy. But the Knicks need to sign Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant this offseason. Is it a long shot? Absolutely. But this is what we need to fix the Knicks.

You draft RJ Barrett with the 3rd pick. You now have this young core to build and grow with. That core includes Barrett, Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson, Allonzo Trier, Dennis Smith Jr. Not too shabby. I’m not punting on Knox because of his year last year. The dude was 18 playing on a terrible team and asked to do a ton. Plus, they are all relatively cheap.

We know Durant and Klay are out next season. That’s fine. I think both return and look really close to what we think when it comes to Durant and Klay (unless you’re Jack Mac). Have another year of this young group playing together and losing games. Get in the lottery again and land someone like Cole Anthony, Isaiah Stewart, Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, etc.

Then you can try and put together a package for a sign and trade with Anthony Davis who is going to be a free agent and you can make the contracts work. Fuck it. Let’s get weird. I mean nothing else has worked so why should we rule this one out?