Wilson Ramos' Wife Surprised Him With A Pregnancy Announcement While He Was In The Goddamn On-Deck Circle During Last Night's Game

First off congratulations to the Ramos family, a child is a gift from God and all that nice stuff. But holy shit that is a WIIIIIILD move by Mama Ramos. We’ve talked about the mental pretzel guys go through when they find out their wife is pregnant on Podfathers a bunch. There’s gonna be another mouth to feed, 9 months of different tests for your wife to go through as she grows a human inside her, and just getting ready for your life to go up another difficulty level no matter how rich you are. And that wonderful moment of panic usually happens when you are in the comfort of your own home. Having that goddamn atomic bomb dropped on your head in the middle of a baseball game around thousands of people would break mortal men. But Big Willy shook off not only the announcement but the odd reminder that this will be his 3RD CHILD by…

*checks box score*


Striking out looking! Yup, that’s pretty much what all of us do when we find out our significant other is having a kid while also finding out just how many of the kids that we are raising are actually ours (I don’t know if this is supposed to be Mrs. Ramos’ way of letting Wilson know he found out about a secret family a la Bartolo Colon but it’s a wild move regardless).

Also a word to the wise, Wilson. She’s allowed to say “We’re pregnant” but you aren’t unless you have hormones and waves of sickness coursing through your body as a fetus grows inside you.