The Bulls Should Absolutely Entertain Any & All Trade Talks For Lonzo Ball

The Bulls were lumped into some hypothetical trade talks today after Zach Lowe from ESPN speculated that they could be a decent 3rd partner for the Lakers/Pelicans Anthony Davis deal. Key word there is speculated but that didn’t stop NBA twitter from taking it a couple steps further. Shortly thereafter we had some traction from Blue Checkmarks laying out some details of what IT COULD look like if the Bulls were the mystery 3rd team:

More Key Words: what IT COULD look like

At this point We Know the Lakers and Pelicans are highly motivated to make a deal, and We Know the Bulls still have a lot of room left in the rebuild. So at first glance it would make sense to at least entertain trade talks when you’re drafting 7 with their holes. Unless of course you think Zach Lavine can compete on the level you’re about to watch tonight. Then by all means I can go fuck myself. But last time I checked we’re all in agreement the Bulls need more work, which brings me back to the hypothetical.

Are the Bulls better picking 4 with Lonzo than 7 with Lavine? My gut says yes but that’s more from a content standpoint. I’d love to have the Ball family in town. Would make blogging the Bulls so much easier but at the same time I’ve spent something like $20,000 in my life splitting Bulls season tickets in random seasons going back to 2009. I watched more 300 level Thibs games than I care to remember now and for the life of me my pride is all but gone. I’m hanging on by a fuckin thread. I’m nervous to commit one way or the other because the next time I’m wrong about the Bulls could be the last time.


Gun to my head – I reluctantly pass because the alternative is worse.

Here’s what our round table of experts had to say:

White Sox Dave: If LaVar Ball wants to come on Red Line Radio and do video shit then count me in.

Big Cat: Lonzo is a terrible fit. Bulls need more shooters. Not that I hate Lonzo. I just hate him on the Bulls when you have a spacing problem with Wendell and Lauri. Also LaVar vs Gar/Pax is the mismatch of the century. They couldn’t control him. It’s a homerun for blogging but from a “I want the Bulls to maybe be good again in my life” it’s a no. Maybe if they could get him just for the 7th, I’d do that. Lonzo and LaVine works from a shooter/facilitator perspective. Lonzo without LaVine and now the Bulls have 2 shooters in Lauri and Otto in a make or miss league (I love saying that)

Chief: I’m not a Lonzo guy. Moving up 3 spots isn’t enough of a reason to swap Lavine for him. But int he end it doesn’t matter. The bulls are stuck where they are regardless of this trade.

Eddie: I’m not buying it. Then again, it all depends on RJ Barrett having a legit shot to fall to #4. Sounds like he doesn’t right now. So what’s the point trading to #4? Get Garland? I’d rather just wait for Colby White since he’s my guy anyway.

Gas Money Bob: We have to trust GarPax. When have they ever let us down before? It’s not every day an organization can instantly become Big Ballers.


The people have spoken. Lonzo sucks and democracy wins.