New Bachelorette Party Trend - Taking Naked Pictures With Your Friends

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NY Post – Laughing hysterically, the five bachelorettes strip down to their panties, get up close and personal and pose confidently together for the camera. “OK, so nice big smiles everyone,” shouts bride-to-be Jennie Richards, 32, jokingly adding: “Remember, girls, don’t show too much flesh!” The risque picture is not a spur-of-the-moment snap taken during some sorority sisters’ high jinks, but the highlight of a so-called “boudoir photography party,” a growing social trend in the US, with some photographers reporting a 50 percent increase in business over the past five years.  Designed to empower women, they are used to celebrate everything from upcoming nuptials to milestone 30th and 40th birthdays, with professional shutterbugs like Catherine Leonard — who shot Richards and her pal Amy Blair’s joint bachelorette bash in Manhattan last month — capturing the spirit of friendship with carefree portraits celebrating the female form. “It [our session] was all about bonding and having fun with my friends,” says Richards, who works in medical sales. “We all felt incredibly happy and beautiful. “It was great because the whole point was to feel good about ourselves.” During the sittings, each woman gets a full makeover and is photographed separately in her lingerie, but there’s often a group shot, too. These fall into two categories — either tops-off, or camisoles-on (more modest) shots.

Chicks are so unbelievably wacky. Just completely nuts. Imagine if your mother was turning 40 years old or she was celebrating someone’s bachelorette party and she went and did a photo shoot topless in her underwear with deer antlers dangling around her neck and a buck knife in her hand? Thats gotta be grounds for emancipation. Possibly even suicide. I mean good luck hanging with the guys ever again when your mom or your wife or your sister did a photoshoot where she ends up a candidate for Guess That Ass on Barstool.

This is just further proof that deep down, all chicks have primal urges to be slutty lesbians. Like the “Sleepover” fantasy that every guy has where chicks get naked and have pillow fights really isn’t that far fetched now. Every chick wants to get in their underwear and rub up on their friends and take pictures and be promiscuous. Its just nature.