Happy Harvey/Wheeler Day!




Today’s the day we should be looking at 2 pitchers who are going to lead the Mets to a prosperous future. 2 pitchers of this caliber should be enough to build around. Of course there are still question marks about Wheeler as he makes his first start, but these are the kinda guys that should be able to win you 4 games in a postseason series. I have dreams of them being that Randy Johnson/Curt Schilling combo that carries you to a title.

But instead we’re probably just looking at 2 guys who will spend years of their lives notching no decisions and suffering 2-1 losses while finishing in 3rd place every season. Or even worse, the next Kerry Wood/Mark Prior duo. Because that’s just the way it’s gonna go. It doesn’t make much sense – these are the type of guys you can build around and make a push for contention with – but it just won’t happen. As long as I’m alive they’ll probably squander this window of opportunity. So sit back and enjoy 18 innings of Mets baseball and the arrival of Zack Wheeler – its probably all downhill after this.

PS – If the Mets drop both games of this double header, they will have lost 3 games on June 18th. Classic Mets.