We're Still Looking For Jimmy Hoffa?

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NYDNFederal and local authorities on Monday were digging up a field north of Detroit to search for the remains of missing Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. Local news footage showed crews of hard hats and a backhoe toiling at a vacant field in Oakland Township, some 45 miles north of Motor City. The effort from the FBI and Michigan authorities comes after a reputed former mob boss swore that Hoffa was buried at the site, some 20 miles from where he was last seen in July 1975.  Tony Zerilli, 85, who was in prison at the time of Hoffa’s disappearance, told two news stations in January that Hoffa’s body was dumped in a shallow grave that was supposed to be a temporary resting place. But plans to move the 62-year-old labor leader’s body were later scuttled, Zerilli claimed. Former FBI agents and Hoffa experts have said that it was likely Zerilli knew where Hoffa was buried because his father, Joseph Zerilli, was a capo in the Detroit mob. “This isn’t some screwball,” Dan Moldea, author of the book “The Hoffa Wars,” told the Detroit Free Press. “He’s the right man at the right time. His father would have had to sign off on this. The question is: Would his father or his father’s associates have confided in him? I find it very possible that they did.” Hoffa was kidnapped on July 30, 1975, from a parking lot of a restaurant in Bloomfield Township where he was believed to have been meeting with two mob leaders, Anthony Provenzano and Anthony Giacalone. Despite thousands of tips, no trace of him has ever turned up and no one has been charged in his disappearance. Theories over the years have suggested that Hoffa’s body was incinerated in a trash compactor in Michigan and buried in an unknown location in Florida.

How fucking awesome were the dudes who whacked Jimmy Hoffa? The world these days is filled with all sorts of CSI, DNA experts. You can’t as much as fart in a bar without getting it pinned on you. And here we are, 40 fucking years later and nobody knows where this asshole is. I don’t know why they even bother looking. Whats gonna happen if they ever find him? Absolutely nothing. Maybe they trace him back to two old guineas who are already dead. Thats about it. It really was the perfect crime. Bottom line is whoever were the guys who took care of Jimmy Hoffa and anybody who knows the truth are the quintessential consumate wise guys. Just sitting on one of America’s biggest secrets for decades on end, probably able to cash in on a bazillion dollar interview, never saying a word. Thats the way crime and murder should be.