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Holy Shit, Kevin Durant Is Out For All Of NEXT YEAR With His Achilles Injury

Jesus. Christ. Now, it’s not THAT shocking that he’s going to miss all of next season, but the rehab process tends to be about 9 months. Most assumed he’d be back at some point next season, but that report sure makes it seem like there’s something more severe going on.


So now Durant is faced to make one of two decisions, if this report is true. Well, even if this report isn’t true he still has to make the same decision. Does he opt-in for $31 million next year with Golden State or does he go out and get a max deal or close to a max deal?

Now, I get why teams will be scared off to offer Durant a max deal. But, as I said before, the Knicks should absolutely offer Durant a max deal. I get he’ll be 32 and coming off of the worst injury one can have. But, Durant’s game is different. He doesn’t have to use his athleticism to score and put pressure on that Achilles. He’s a good enough shooter and unique with being 7’0″ to play on the perimeter.

It still makes this press conference weird as hell, but I get why Myers was crying a bit now:

Really this has the potential to change everything in the NBA and this offseason. It seemed like a lock that Durant was going to go to the Knicks. Now, do they shy away with the injury? Will other free agents shy away from teaming up with him because they don’t know when he’ll be back? If he opts-in how will Golden State navigate all the contracts to pay Klay Thompson and the luxury tax?

Please still come be a Knick, KD. If anyone here makes fun of you just know that Clem AND me will take care of it.